The Environmental Factors to Consider in Construction

When starting a construction project, it’s important to know environmental factors that you should be concerned about. The construction industry is among the largest globally. It employs millions of people across the globe. However, the tremendous activities of this industry can affect the environment negatively. Here are some of the environmental factors that you should consider when starting a construction project.

Waste Management

Any construction project creates waste. The amount and type of waste generated will depend on the construction type. This waste can have negative effects on the environment. In most cases, soil and water can be contaminated if there are no effective waste management measures in place. To avoid this have a safe and effective waste management system in place when starting a construction project.


A construction project needs electricity for different reasons. Processing, power tools, transportation of materials and heavy machinery are just some of the ways the construction industry uses energy. It’s therefore important to take appropriate measures to conserve energy. Pay keen attention to the way energy is used at your site to avoid unnecessary energy wastage.

Architecture concept with drawing compass on blueprints.


The noise produced at the construction site can pollute the environment for both the local inhabitants and construction workers. Noise produces stress which can lead to neurological diseases. Thus, noise from a construction site can be a serious environmental issue and construction workers are the most affected. To avoid exposure to noise, construction workers should wear protective gear. It’s also important to fence the construction site to ensure that only authorized persons have access to it.

Before you start your construction project, acquire all permits necessary to ensure that you have complied with all requirements of the environmental conservation agency. Local authorities have measures in place to ensure that contractors do not damage the environment. That’s why they require them to get permission to undertake any form of construction.


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