Tips for Negotiating with a Building Contractor

Negotiating with building contractors is not always a smooth ride and, some of them can easily take advantage of you. Consequently, you may have to pay exorbitantly higher prices for their services. However, it would help if you had a contractor that can deliver the best quality work at reasonable rates within the parameters of your budget. The following are tips on how to negotiate with a building contractor. 

Request Bids from At least Three Contractors 

The construction industry is highly competitive with multiple players. As such, you can easily get ripped off if you only focus on one contractor. Requesting bids from at least three building contractors will enable you to determine the average rates to focus on during negotiation. 

Choose all the Building Materials and Details Independently 

You can significantly reduce cost overruns and avoid the familiar contractors’ price increments when you choose all the building materials and fixtures on your own. You may even consider buying them directly from suppliers. 

Clearly Outline the Scope of Work 

Do not leave things open to the building contractor’s interpretation. Instead, set out clear parameters regarding the specific services you need from the contractor and the expected project timeline. 

Deal with Sub-Contractors Directly

It would be best if you paid sub-contractors directly instead of using general contractors or intermediaries. And this enables you to save money and avoid disputes during or after the project’s completion. 

Be Flexible 

The timing of your project can significantly impact the overall building costs. For instance, exterior building works are usually cheaper during Fall. Thus, flexibility can also enable you to negotiate favorable terms and cut costs when building a home. 

Negotiation is a unique skill that you may not master overnight. However, you can significantly increase your chances of securing a better deal with a building contractor by observing the abovementioned guidelines. 

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